Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nasty Comments

Hi everyone for the time being I am going on to moderate my comments, if you want to leave me a nasty comment about me or my kids please do it with your name instead of hiding by anonymous...

First of all I will always stick up for people who are being bullied, I am not a bully myself and never have been I would do anything to help out another fellow crafter, and by constantly leaving these negative and horrid comments to me I think you will find it is you that is the bully...

Second I do not use my blog to get freebies, far from it, I never accept a freebie and if you really knew me you would know this to be true... 

And lastly, my blog is an escape for me, in no way do I try to get everyone to feel sorry for me as I have disabled children, My children are my life and I love them that much that I want to show them of for the gorgeous brave and loving children they are and they are all gorgeous and why shouldn't I show them off other mums do just because they are disabled does not mean they should be hidden away, and in no way do I think I am the best blogger out there far from it, in fact I have no self confidence what so ever and comments like this only make me want to better myself...

Thank you for reading, love Pops and the  Gorgeously beautiful, kind and loving little Poppets  x x x 


heidy said...


Beth said...

Oh my god!! I can't believe people would use your blog to come and insult you or your family!! Plus, even if you did get a freebie - what business is it of theirs?!! (Jealousy maybe!) There are some nasty people in this world and I'm so sorry you've had to deal with them, although just goes to show, they can't be that proud of their opinion or they'd leave their name!
Big hugs!

Love Beth xx

Maria said...

Hi Pops, Just to say ur card is stunning as always, I'm really shocked to hear you,ve been having nasty comments made, but its probably jealousy, I think u & ur blog are fab & I'm sure the majority of people on here will say the same, I know its hard if they are commenting about your children but try & ignore it hun, just small mindedness & sheer nastiness xx

Heather Huggins said...

I visit all the time but don't usually leave a comment, but today I thought I would...


It's your blog you should be able to write about anything you want to!! I love coming to look at your lovely creations.

Shame on who ever is leaving nasty remarks!!

Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

Good on ya chick.

How anyone can say you are a bully is just ridiculous!!!

Those that truly know you love ya hun and love to hear about your fablous kiddies too!

Huge hugs Jane xxxxxx

Aj* said...

Hugs hun

Ignore the beggars, leave them to rot in their own sad little world, negative comments always tend to have envy behind them ))


Maxine said...

Cant believe that ANYONE could be so awful, as you say, so brave, they dont even leave their name.
Pos, you are an inspiration to so many of us and I visit your site everyday to see what gorgeous creations you have been working on that day.
Please ignore those heartless cyber nuts.
Sending huge hugs xx

Dorcas said...

OMGoodness, Pop! How awful for you! I also had to change to accepting "no anonymous" comments, (not for ugly comments but for spam.) Its a shame. Don't let it get you too upset (easier said than done) those of us who know you know that such accusations are baseless and rude. You are one of the sweetest people in Blogland and your devotion to your children proves that.
Keep your chin up. We all know the "real you". :)

Claire said...

OMG Pops I am absolutely gobsmacked that anyone in their right mind would leave you nasty comments about you and your family. I am so angry that people could be that hurtful and why? what an earth are they getting out of it? I don't know what I have missed or why an earth someone of such a nasty nature is prompted to do such a thing, but I am totally behind you and hope that when they read your message they think twice about doing such a hurtful and distasteful thing. Big hugs to you sweetie. Claire xx

THERESA said...

Pops, just ignore these ignorant, nasty people, wow, cannot believe one can spend time to make other people feeling bad, it is so sad, they must be very, very sad people!!!!
Please show your kids, they are send from heaven special for you to look after, they are special and to be loved, so do that, we support you!!
Hugs and lotsa luv

Julie said...

Here,here!Good for you!!!!xxx

Maryann said...

Oh Pops, I can´t say, how sad it made me feel to read this post here today. I just don´t understand, why some people just can´tr shut their mouth, if they don´t have anything nice or good to say, but unfortunately they´re everywhere. I think, it´s because they´re jealous on you, as they xcan see as well as the rest of us, how talented and awesome an artist you are, and as they can´t do anything as nice them self, it seems to make them feel better to attack other decent people.
Please even I know, it´s difficuklt, then just delete them, when they show, without even reading them and forget all about them, cause it´s only very few people, who´s having such nasty behaviour, while you can see soooo many wonderful comments about you and your work here every day. I know, I´m not good to leave comments, but I see your work and follow you all the time, and I just love, what I see and always look forward to see, what´s next. And yes I´m also sometimes jealous that you´re soo clever, but rather try and copy something to learn than leave nasty comments, as it certainly don´t make anybody better. As a matter of fact I have one of those fridgemagnets on my fridge that says: If you don´t have anything good or clever to say, then sit down LOL.
So chin up sweetie and forget about such a nasty bitch, cause we´re many many people here, who knows better and never believe a word of what she´s writing anyway, so please don´t let her get to you, cause then she has won, and she´s just not worth that at all.
You´re doing such awesome and wonderful work always, and I know, we´re many here, who really truely admire it every day, and that´s what you need to believe and nothing else. And ofcause we all want to show our kids and their stuff too, when they make us proud, and ofcause we all shall do that, anything else would be crazy, and no matter how a kid is, disabled or not, they have the same right to be seen and heard as anybody else, so you just keep on like you use to, and we´re many here, who´ll all be behind you anytime you might need that.
Have a wonderful day sweetie and be happy.

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
happy new year!! well i hope it will be i am very sad to read this post and very sorry to see you have been gettin nasty comments, for the life of me i don't know why any one would do that. I always have comment moderation on, that way i dont have to have the weird ones! lol.
Totally agree with what you say about the kiddes hun, you show em of. hugs, sue,xx

MagsB said...

Oh sweetie, how horrible some people are! There are so many things I want to say, but I'm too angry to write.


love Mags B x

Donalda said...

Hon I am soooooo sorry for what you are going through with nasty bloggers. It is so sad that people don't have anything better to do.
I do hope you do not let these people get you down dear. You are a very wonderful talented crafter and I so love to visit your blog. And yes you are so right, the people that do know you know that you are a very kind and caring person and a wonderful mother.

Just ignore these nasty people dear. Biggest hugs to you dear

Gro said...

Big hugs from me to you :o)

Tracey T said...

Hey sweetie! Like everyone else, I can't believe that some people would be so pathetic as to leave horrible comments on your blog. It says SO much more about them than it does about you and your gorgeous kids. Don't let the b***ers get you down - they don't have your talent, your family and the many, many friends you have who are cheering you on. Love and hugs, Tracey xx

June Nelson said...

You have said it all Pops and obviously they dont know you, you are a lovely person an angel, you are kind and considerate, and you should be so proud of your kids, your a brilliant mum, so any negative comments and send them to me"!!!!! im very protective of nice people who I can also call freinds and your one, Ignore the ignorants Pops darlin they have nothing better to do with their time, sad aint it!!!! xxxx

Jolara said...

Ooh Pops why would they do that to you... you go Girl ! Hugs Joyce

Mette said...

These kinda people makes me wanna scream so loud with anger and rage I can hardly find the words.
Your kids are wonderful Pops and I watched your daughter's video a while back and thought what a gorgeous, couragous and special person she is and I am sure the others are just the same.
Please please share more of your pride and joy in them cos as any other mother you love your kids as much as the rest of us.
And please don't let some narrow-minded, self-centred idiot upset you Pops - they are NOT worth it.
You are a wonderful lady and I love visiting you to uuhhh and aahh over your talent.

Hugs, Mette

Debbie said...

I'm not much of a commenter of blogs, but do visit often. I thought blogging was for fun! Some people have no shame, you keep up the good work girl and keep telling us stories of your wonderful family. Hugs Debbie x

Sue said...

Gorgeous piccies hun, they were not there when i left my first comment. hugs, sue,x

Linny said...

Its sickening to see someone can be so cruel. Pops you are a wonderful mother of beautiful children. Keep on being proud of them. I look at your amazing cards everyday. A very talented lady. Linda x

Denise and Louise said...

OMG Pops - I am speechless. What is the matter with some people. They obviously live a very sad little life with nothing better to do than go around leaving nasty messages for people they do not even know. As a previous commenter said - it is your blog and you can write about anything you like - if they don't like it, they don't have to read it. You are such a lovely person and such a proud Mother and do NOT deserve this.
BIG, BIG Hugs to you and your gorgeous family.
Denise xx

Mimi said...

how awful for you to read such rude comments! Pops, you have BEAUTIFUL kids and love that you share ALL that you do on your blog!! :D

Karin said...

Hi Pops,

What to say? I can't belief that this is realy happening!! At first I red your story in disbelief... Second I became angry at the posters: WHY??? What is the use of this??? **** OFF (so sorry of my language!!!!) and third: you go girl!! Even I did not know you personaly, I feel that you are a beloving mom with gorgeous children and that you love them very much!! And I hope to see lots and lots of beautiful creations of you!!! I hope the posters get caught!!

A very big hug for you and you kids!!!


~ Ali ~ said...

Well said Pops...... sweetie you are the better person than these idiots that feel the need to hide behind anony....keep your chin up sweetie we loves you for being you.....kind, loving, talented Pops...Our Pops and they are just jealous!!!!

Lurvs ya loads lurvy lady

Ali x

Maria said...

Hi again Pops, didn't see ur piccies when I left my first comment, they are absolute crackers, gorgeous children & u r rightly proud of them, as any parent worth they,re salt would be xx

ursula Uphof said...

Pops. sending love to you and your precious family. What terrible people there are in the world. You keep right on showing us and telling us whatever you fancy. Love visiting, just don't allways have time to comment. Thank you for all the inspiration

Denise Gutierrez said...

Wow what jerks people could be! Ugh! You have a ton of talent and very beautiful/ handsome children so just try to ignore stupid people! If they DONT like what they see on your blog... They could NOT read or visit your blog at all! Im sorry Pops :( but like all the lovley ladies above me said. We love your blog! Denise

Ankie vd Polder said...

Dear Pops, I whish people are not that mean. Just do it your way girl and enjoy your kids. Lots of love and a big hug, Ankie

Hanneke said...

I am so sorry to hear that people leave you nasty comments! Those people are probably very childish and unsatisfied with themselves. You go girl for sticking up for yourself and your gorgeous "poppets". I love your cards and your blog and really enjoy and get inspired by your creations. I sure hope you continue blogging and sharing. Hugs, Hanneke

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Pops, I just can't believe that someone has left you nasty comments hun. All I can say is that it must be because of the green eyed monster. You are not only super talented and very inspirational but you are a very kind and generous blog buddy sweetie. I adore your lovely comments and appreciate every single one. Oh! my your kids are so gorgeous not surprised you are such a proud Mummy. Love to Pops and the Poppets. :o)

Donna x

Christy Beans said...

Hey, Pops - Although I haven't commented as much as I should, I always look forward to seeing your work in my Reader list. I have said to this others, so I will say it to you:

Small-minded, cruel, stupid people exist.
They haunt us everywhere, including the Net, and there's a reason we use the word "Troll" to describe them online.
It is up to the rest of us to maintain the level of civilized, compassionate courtesies that make life bearable as human beings.

Don't give them the time of day, because each moment you spend thinking about them is one less you have to enjoy your children, your family and friends, your art and all the GOOD things in life. You go right ahead and be proud of those kids and be proud of YOURSELF. You're clearly a brilliant mum to have such great kids. We all have our own stories to tell, don't let anyone stop you from telling yours.

Much love, Christy

Kathleen said...

Hi Pops,
I visit your blog on a daily basis, but I dont usually comment, but this time I felt I just had to say something.
This world of crafters amazes me all the time just how generous, kind and friendly everyone is, but sadly as with all areas of life there is a small group of people that are just downright evil and nasty.
But what goes around, comes around and I genuinely believe that they will get their comeuppance, maybe not straight away but it will happen.
You have said your piece very clearly and without stooping to their level so I applaude you for that, well done sweetie.
My son was disabled all his life, and after he died we saw just how much he brought to everyones life, so you celebrate your kiddies and never hide them away, show them of proudly.
I have so many other things I would like to say but I had better hold back, might get a bit too angry! Lol
Take care and take comfort from the fact that you have many, many friends who back you all the way.
Love and hugs
Kat xx

Julie said...

I've been looking at your blog for awhile,first time commenting on it.
I love your creations your so talented.
As for that nasty person just ignore!!
People like that are not worth it.
Its your family thats important.
Keep on blogging julie x

Elise said...

Oooh Pops .. how terrible that people can be so cruel like that! I am so sorry that you have to put up with a$$e$ like that and you have written your post perfectly! You are such a sweet and kind and loving person and for anyone to hurt you like that makes me ticked off! Your children ARE GORGEOUS and YES you should show them off and be proud of them! ALL mums are proud of their kiddos! And you are a WONDERFUL Mom Pops! :)

Big Hugs and Loves to you and your Family!

Christina said...

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Hugs Kristel

Crafty Chris said...

There is always nasty buggers to spoil everyone fun, just ignore them they are not worth bothering about.
Chris x

Anna said...

I can not understand how someone can do that. I agree with all other comments. Never mind the negative kommentarerna.You go girl! We are many who appreciate what you write and do. A true inspiration! Many hugs from me!

Jennifer said...

Oh Pops. They are just bored, jealous (of your wonderful kids and awesome cards), and very SAD!! Take no notice. Sending hugs xxxx

Fiona said...

well said Pops!! There is lots of horrible people in this world and why should they get to spoil our fun!! What you post on your blog is up to you and why wouldn't you want to show off your gorgeous family!!


Jan said...

So sorry Pop's why do people have to be so mean. Your children are gorgeous.
Sending love & hugs xx Jan

Irene said...

Cannot believe my eyes Pop, this is just aweful but good for you to tell them and share it wit us. I think we all share a fabulous hobby which gives us so much joy and fun to talk about on our blogs....why on earth do some spoil it with nasty remarks?????
I started following you recently but i LOVE your creations and stories so please do continue!!!


Marita said...

Many hugs from me to you♥.

Krafty Hugzz said...

Hi pops, i can believe how cruel people can be, thats why i dont use facebook/twitter ect, some people have no bottle to say it to your face, anyone can say anything hiding behind a computer, but if it came down to it theyd back off like the cruel and disrespectful piece of u no wat, that they most DEFINITLY ARE.....
Why shouldnt u talk about your kids, as you say, would we be having this conversation if they were not disabled, NO I DONT THINK SO!, i am disabled and i have had comments saying i am after the sympathy vote by putting pics of myself up, thats why i took them down, its a cold world when you cant show off the ones you love because of idiots saying cruel things, get a backbone you divss and speak up if you think your right, i am sure more people will back pops than you, myself included.
As i said before, your children are gorgeous, beautiful, sweet children and if they grow up to be like their mummy then they will be very special indeed.
I hope these plonkers havent ruined your day hun, their probably jealous, sat at home on their own with no friends or family so they dis respect other people, SOD EM LOL
Lots and Lots of hugzzz
love Kenzi xxx

Sandra said...

Hi Pops, Your a wonderful person and a great mum to your children this shines through your crafting, take no notice of this person they are not worthy of your time and anybody else's for that matter, you are a beautiful crafter your work is amazing and l can see you get lots of pleasure from doing this as we get from viewing and leaving positive feed back you have so much talent and don't let anyone take that away from you, your children are adorable, how can this person be so cruel, you take care and don't give this person another thought you have lots of support from your true blogger friends looking forward to seeing your next beautiful creation:) Sandra H

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear this has been happening to you pops. There are some nasty people put there yet you are one of the nicest people in blog land.

Sending you big hugs,
Michelle xxxx

Mau xx said...

Hi Pops, So sorry about the low lifes, hope they have the decency to return with a name and say sorry this time instead of nasty remarks. Sadly they blight our world for some unknown reason.
A wonderful Mum and wonderful kids thats what you are and a SUPER talented lady xxxxxx
Huge Hugs Mau xx

Leanne said...

Oh those ppl are cowards! Your kids are beautiful and so are you hon. Big hugs to you and your Poppets!

shells-crafts said...

im really shocked by this post. i thought crafting and blogging was supposed to be fun, and relaxing and a place to make friends. nobody has the right to leave any negative comments about anything, especially your family. that is just so hurtful. if these people have feel they have valid comments then they should stand up and say so, not be annonymous, i hope they are ashamed of themselves. just remember these people are , thank goodness, the minority, and not worth worrying about.

Marion said...

Hi Pops,
Can I just say Well Said.
Some people just beggar belief.

Fab pictures by the way.


Lena Katrine said...

Oh my, I'm horrified that people are leaving you and your family nasty comments! Be proud of your self, and your beautiful children, sweetie!
Take care, stay strong, and please know that you have my support in any way!
Big hugs, Lena Katrine

Susan Flynn said...

Well I'm quite sad and disgusted to read about this. I often wonder what is happening in the world when common decency and manners would appear to be lacking in so many people. Why they have written these things on your blog I have no idea and to pick on your lovely children beggars belief. All I can say is that whoever wrote these things is a witless idiot and in no way conveys any of the feelings that we all share for you and your work. X

Sarah said...

What??? How dare anyone say awful things to you Pops about your work and your family. Don't you let them upset you, they are idiots. You are so talented and kind and caring and I love stopping by and seeing your gorgeous cards and hearing about what your beautiful family have been up to xxx

Craftyangel said...

I love all your are very inspirational, keep up the good work

some people can be so mean, but we have to rise above it, keep up chick.

Thought I would share my new card, made from your inspiration, found this image on your blog in December, this the first chance I have had to use it.

keep up the brillant work and dont let the buggers get you down xxx

Paddington fan said...

Pops, I don't normally comment much on blogs but I felt I just had to say something after reading this post. This sick person is definitely low life and a waste of air in my opinion (putting it politely!!) - please do not change a thing about your blog. Yours was one of the first blogs I followed and your cards are always so beautiful and inspiring. I LOVE to hear about your kids, they are indeed special and beautiful and you should be proud of them. Please do not let this bully ruin your enjoyment of blogging - Ignore the sad beggar and continue to display your marvellous work & celebrate your talent and family. Much love Jacky xx

Lisa said...

Hi Pops, So sorry to hear this. I don't have anything to add to all the lovely comments that have been left above so I am just sending big hugs to you and your gorgeous family.

Lisa x

1CardCreator said...

So sad that you had to read the awful comment. Just remember that that is the opinion of 1, not any of your loving followers. Big hug, ~Diane

1CardCreator said...

PS, I was so upset about the nasty comment, I forgot to say the pictures of you and your family are beautiful, thanks for sharing. ~Diane

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Congrats on standing up for your kids and yourself - Nasty bloggers are such a PAIN! I've had a few of those too, and for no reason really except that's the only way they can communicate. Such a shame we have to put up with them because they hide themselves!

Molecraft said...

Hi Pops, like everyone I am gobsmacked that people can be so cruel, especially to someone as inspirational as you! Well done for speaking out, hope they get the message!
Helen x

Marlies said...

It makes me realy sad to read that someone leaves horrible comments on your blog. Why should they even bother, proberly very jealous of you.
It makes me realy mad to think that anyone would want to hurt someone in this way.
hugs, Marlies

Lynne said...

There are some wierd and sad people out there Pops but they are the ones with a problem.Just reading through the vast amount of fabulous comments you get shows how many decent people think the world of you. You have so many true friends. Ignore the wierdos, there not worth worrying about.
Lynne xxx

Anja said...


don't you worry about those nasty people. They're not worth the time, you spend to be angry about them. You'd better spend the time to hug your children, feel the love they give to you - or create another wonderful card :-)


debby4000 said...

Way to go Pops.
By the way you can stop anonymous comments in settings.

Gemma said...

I can't believe someone can be so cruel so do something like everyone else has said sweetie they are just jealous of your talent!!

At least you have nothing to be ashamed of sweetie not like this cruel person who are scared to name them-self with their nasty comments so at least you can hold your head up high sweetie because your not the bully they are...don't let them get you down because if you do they are winning!!
Please keep sharing your wonderful stories about your family & keep them stunning cards coming too...just remember you are a very special person who is an inspiration to us all!!
Sending comforting ((((hugs)))) and xxx

Rebekah said...

Well goodness Pops I'm so shocked that you have been getting negative comments. I have no idea why anyone would choose to do this.
I think you are amazing as I have said before. You have every right to be totally proud of your amazing children and show them off as much as you like.
I also think your work is beyond superb, you are so inspiring in so many ways.
Well done for just being you!
Big hugs Rebekah xx

Monia said...

I`m with you Pops,you are doing great job!!!

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Oh Pops, I can't believe that anyone would come to your blog and leave nasty comments! Why? I've never once seen you post anything mean or offensive! (((hugs))) Hopefully they get a life and leave you alone.

Your kids are beautiful, by the way!

And so are every single one of your cards! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

coops said...

oh pops i am sending you lots of hugs.i cannnot believe that someone could be so nasty.what is wrong with have every right to talk about your children hun, why not,you`re a proud mum and so you should be.
i had an anonymous message last year and i copied and pasted their message on my blog for all to see,i never got another one.
people should commenrt using their names not hide behind their nasty comments.
you keep on posting about what your want to hun.

ang said...

hi pops i always check out your blog, a handful i visit before i go to work, your blog and the inspiration you give is something i look forward to. keep up the good work and just delete the nasty people hugs angxx

MagsB said...

What delightful pix of your gorgeous kids! Go, you, and your lovely kids!!!

love Mags B xxx

Mandy said...

Pops well said hunny. You have every right to show pictures of your beautiful children off and please keep doing it, don't let some sick and sad moron who isn't brave enough to say who they are get you down. They are obviously jealous of you and they have every reason to be, you are very talented and have a gorgeous family.
Don't allow them to hide behind their anonymous comments, change your settings so registered users only can comment on your blog, SETTINGS-COMMENTS-WHO CAN COMMENT-REGISTERED USERS ONLY - SAVE then no anon comments can be left, and I would urge anyone else who reads this to have their blog settings the same. Will this vile person be brave enough to leave their sick comments when they can be identified? I very much doubt it
big hugs Mandy xx

Joanne said...

Hi Pops, so sorry to hear that people can be sooo nasty, it brought tears to my eyes.
I think the photo of the 4 of you is absolutely stunning (as are the other photos)and I know I would want to show such gorgeous pics off too, please don't let anybody stop you from doing that. Sending you hugs and lots of strength to ignore the nasty people out there.
Keep out the fabulous work!!!
New Zealand

Purplecat 64 said...

Hi Pops,
I am really shocked that you have had nasty comments on your blog, its a sad world when some individuals seem to enjoy doing this, they are not worth worrying about, and I agree with your comments.
You are doing a great job with your kids, you are truly a wonderful Mum and a shinning star to all
sending hugs to you all
Heather x x

Donalda said...

Oh hon your children are just adorable !!!! What a wonderful looking family !!! I am so glad you have posted some pictures of your family dear. It is wonderful to see.
Give them big hugs and tell them they are just gorgeous. Big hugs to all of you.

Joey said...

Oh Pops sweets I cant believe someone would stoop so low to hurt another, especially to someone as genuine as you are. big Big Hugs to you hun, gorgeous piccys you show your babies off as much as you like :) Joey x

Niki Estes said...

Hugs, Pops! There is no excuse for that type of behavior. Some people think it is okay to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and act like terrible people. You are one of the sweetest ladies I have met through blogging. Big hugs!

The twins mum said...

Hi Pops I can't believe "people" would use this forum to be mean and nasty.
Hold your head high hun you have lots to be proud of. Ignore them they are obviously jealous of what you have.
Hugs alwasy
Maree xx

Carissa said...

I cannot believe the nerve of some people. I applauded you for standing up to them. Your children are wonderful and you are a proud momma as you should be. I hope that you do not let a few nasty people get you down. Hugs, Carissa

Lori said...

Hugs to you and your gorgeous family Pops, we all know how wonderful you are, don't ever let anyone tell you different!
Lots of love, Lori

Cheryl said...

Hi Pops, I am so very sad to hear that there are people out in this world with nothing better to do than to be nasty. I come to your blog to see your gorgeous creations, and truly appreciate when you take the time to visit me on my blog and leave lovely comments.
You have a beautiful family , a real treasure, I hope this doesn't deter you from showing us your gorgeous cards, keep your chin up, because there are so many of us out here that love you and your creations.
Love and Hugs Cheryl

Babe O'Mara said...

Hi, I visit your blog alot but don't comment. I couldn't let this post just go by. I'm sorry you have had negative comments left on your blog by insensitive obviously immature people. How cruel. Keep posting about your lovely family and just delete those jerks that choose to be hurtful. Have a wonderful week.


Chrissy said...

You go girl...I'm proud of you...


and you have adorable little poppets...

cards2love said...

I can't believe how horrable some people can be!!
You've a great blog and it inspires me a lot!!
Please show your kids!! You can be proud of them , like we are all proud of our children.
Please ignore all the cruel comments and think about all the positive followers ,who loves you! We are many!!!
Love Mary

Loopylou. said...

oh pops hun I am so sad for you that peopole could be that mean.
I think that your children are an absolute inspiration so don't you ever stop posting about them and as for the freebie thing that is just one big pot of jealousy from people because you are so fabulous my lovely.
Pants to them all I say!
Huge snuggly hugs
Lou xxx

Alessandra said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhh...hear my scream???

To that nasty bitch out there (and to all that agree with a nasty bitch):
you are pathetic!!! If you'd have only a tiny little bit of knowledge of human natures than you certainly would not write such nasty comments!! What is wrong with you????????? Have you been bullied when you were a child??? Do you look completely ugly???? Are you having learning difficulties?? What the hell is wrong with you???
Can't you see that Pops is a very nice lady with lots of love to share and she has a big heart and although she does not lead a life like you and me (thank God that she is not a bit like you!!!!!!!!!) she loves her life, she loves her nice children. Lots of Bloggers write that they have no self-confidence just for fishing compliments. But if you had a little knowledge of human natures than you would know by heart that POPS REALLY HAS NO SELF-CONFIDENCE and does not say this to get attention. I'd suggest you better go and see a psychologists.

Now to Pops:
Hun, I sooooo love to see you with your family, your kiddies are so wonderful, I can see in their eyes that they are happy and they can be so very proud of their Mum! Don't let these nasty comments upset you (I know, it's easier said than done...don't know how I would cope with a situation like this). You really are wonderful and so are your works. I believe that whatever we do and create reflects/mirrors what we are feeling, it reflects our soul. I think you are a very soft and lovely woman who shares her love with those who she can trust most. You would never beg for help but rather give everything you have to help out someone who touches your heart!
Biggest of hugs, Sweetie!

Susy said...

Well said, Pops!



Angie said...

Beautiful family, beautiful cards. just ignore the negative comments.
angie xx

Catherine said...

Oh Sweetie I can't believe there is so much wickedness in some people ! You know what, they are jealous of the wonderful, generous and creative person you are... Don't think twice about it Sweetie, it's not worth it ! We are all behind you 100 % !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Vicky said...

OMG sweetie I've been ill all weekend so just come to catch up on your blog. Have you really been getting nasty comments? That is just awful. As for the kids hun you show them off they are gorgeous everyone has the right to show off their kids, disabled or not. This is the problem with the world people who are different get bullied & picked on cus they used to be hidden away they have the same rights as everyone else & its obviously someone who does NOT have disabled children cus if they did they wouldnt say these sort of things. The person should feel a thousand bloody shames.
Actually I'm gonna go now hun cus this really has made me so angry, people never cease to amaze me with their nastiness!!!!

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx
p.s. give those brill kids of yours a huge hug from all us in the pass household mmwah

Ruth said...

I've just seen this and had no idea you were getting nasty feedback. Not too sure what it's about about I'm so sorry that some nasty person has hurt you.You mention your lovely children and I know, as a mum, that that's what hurts most. Please continue to be proud of them as you should and know that you are appreciated and respected by the rest of us who admire your pride in them so much, Ruth xx

Nicole said...

My english leaves me. I can´t find the words to say. Well said, Pop's. I think you have beautiful children. Why do people do so nasty, I don´t know either. Isn´t there enough trouble in the world?! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Love reading them!! Hugs, Nicole

CraftygasheadZo said...

Well said, Pops. Big hugs from me sweetie. Can't believe people the low people steep to, horrible people. You take care, & you know you have my support. Zo x

♥ flutter ♥ said...

Good on you Pop's. I myself have an 18 year old son who is Autisic/cebal palsy/learning difficulties/speech & language/ Horrible teenager syndrome and I totally agree with you about the escape thing. My respite is my computer where I can let my brain de frazzle. I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers such as yourself and have been reading you for a while. I have never commented as I never know what to say but this time I do have something to say.

For those people who like to be negative I always think they just have nothing going on in their lives. If they were to have a taste of what others who struggle are going through then maybe they would think twice about what they are saying and how hurtful it can be. I also believe that people should just be who they are without anyone elses influences. I have no time what so ever for people who think they are cut above the rest of us.

And to finish off I don't pity you in no way at all, infact you are an inspiration to us all how a loving happy family should be. Being accepted for who you are not what you are is a very rare gift. I also believe that children with difficulties are given to just the right people, people who are understanding, patient and caring. I could not imagine my life without my boy. And even though sometimes its hard, we work through it.

So stuff the rest of them you are doing a brilliant job and you are an amazing woman x

Anastasia said...

You go girl!!!
Lots of hugs, Anastasia

Marjorie said...

What beautiful photo's hun!! Three gorgeous children and a gorgeous mum too! So sad to hear you have had problems...I love your blog and visit almost everyday..You are very special!
Biggest of hugs,

Ina said...

Well said!!!! Unbelievable that some persones leave such comments.
Off course you have to show off your kids. Every mum wants to do that and we love to see them.
Just continue as allways because I love your blog.
How sad your post made me, how hard I laughed when I saw your statement in the 'leave your comment' section!
Hugs for you and your kids.

paola said...

ALL CHILDREN ARE BEAUITFUL!! what a cheek that someone would only leave a comment to put you or your loved ones down, they obviously are very sad individuals. You go girl for having your say, you rock!This is YOUR blog and you post whatever you like whether its your family or crafting, if people dont like it, they dont need to visit your blog, you should find out who it was and name and shame them.
just my penny's worth.
I love your work even though i dont often leave comments you are in my reader and often admire what you do, i sure hope this sint going to stop you from loving what you do and sharing with us humble craftes out there

sue w. said...

Hi Pops, Please take heart from all the super comments you have received and the support we all want to give to you. I wont waste my time on leaving my thoughts on this I think everyone has done a sterling job already. Chin up and carry on.
Hugs to you all,
Sue W.

Christine L said...

Hi Pops
Sorry, I have only just got round to reading this post.... and it so saddens me to hear that you've had nasty comments.
From my point of view, your love shines out of your blog in your words and in all the cards you do, as does your wonderful pride in your beautiful children. I can say no more. I think I have said that before to you..... and the fact that you spend time giving all the ingredients of every card, which so helps and inspires other crafters shows only how you want to share your passion.

You are super talented - I MEAN that so much - there are only a few that I follow that are.... and you SHOULD have confidence! If I could wave a magic wand for you, I would....

Loads of love from me and big hugs to you all.....
Christine x

Shazza said...

how disgusting to that small minded people feel the need to use your blog to attack you and your lovely children! You poor thing, it must have been a shock when you read whatever it was. Rise above it hun, we love ya x

Frea said...

Can´t imagine why people would want to hurt other like that! Whoever it is, she can read how we all feel about her, more than a 100 times over! Hugs, Frea

Elfcrafts said...

Hi Pops, this is terrible, who in their right mind would leave you negative comments. It disgusts me to think there are people out there like that. I love reading your blog, your cards are beautiful and you are a huge inspiration. Oh! And your family is beautiful xx sending huge hugs xx

Kjersti said...

Hi Pops! Sorry to see that you've recieved nasty comments! I love to visit your blog, and I also love to read all the sweet comments from you, so I can't really imagine someone who wants to hurt you and your lovely children! You just go ahead and take care!
Big hugs to you and your lovely children! Kjersti

Sue said...

I dont know why some people take the time to upset others.I am so sorry you and yours have been the target of nastyness.
Great big hugs for you and your children.
Sue xx

Debs said...

Hiya Pops,

I'm a huge fan and often visit your blog! Your cards are stunning! My Mom, Marjorie, told me what had been happening on your blog and the awful things that someone has been saying! So I just had to pop along and let you know that I think you are an incredible person! Not only are you incredibly talented but are warm, kind, and caring! You have 3 beautiful children and have every right to be proud of them! I am pretty sure they are proud of you for standing up to such horrid people, but most of all for being their super mom!!

Big hugs!

Debs X

Alina said...

dear, sweet girl, I can't believe what I read! you have a big admirer in me, in everything, you're such a great and proud mother! great pictures, thank you for sharing, your children have such a beautiful smile!
many hugs, big ones,

Rachel F said...

DITTO, I don't normally leave a comment either but have you on my google reader so I don't miss any posts, but reading your post makes me want to leave some Hugs to you and your family sent all the way from New Zealand. SHAME on anyone who leaves nasty comments for anyone!
Good on you for blogging about it.

Annie said...

Hi Pops

I can't believe you've had to post this, it's so sad that other people do nasty things.

I wanted to let you know I check out your blog everyday, your cards are stunning an inspiration to everyone.

Sending you big hugs

Ann xxx

Maria said...

Lovely blog Pop! Sorry to see that you have received nasty comments.
Big hugs for you and your wonderful kids,

Maria B.

Dona said...

Bravo for you! Just consider the source as someone who is mean spirited and envious of your talent and your beautiful family. I love your cards and receive fantastic inspiration from the cards and you. Thank you for sharing with us and please continue to do so. Thanks again!!!

Gunn`s Kort said...

Hi:) I do understanding the English, but I`m not good in writing:)
I have a handicap myself.
Love your blogs and you:)
Hugs from Gunn

rosie said...

hello Pops and the mini Poppets!
firstly I love your blog and your cards. I visit every day - don't always leave a comment but today I had to.
secondly anyone who leaves a comment about your precious 3 children is just evil. pure and simple.
your children are your pride and joy and just like every other Mam/Mum on the planet you want to show them off.
they are absolutely adorable and regardless of whether they have a disability or not no one under any circumstances should say anything about anyone's children.
you go girl and just tell the beggars to **** off.
we all support you 110% and love all your cards xxx

Cor* said...

SERIOUSLY!! People are leaving nasty comments.....about what! What could they possibly say! ?/? Some people are just jerks!! You are an extremely talented crafter & a loving mother!! You are a very special person who deserves nothing but praise! Lord knows, I don't know that I could have your strength! Stay strong! Chin up! We LOVE YA!!

Lorraine said...

I'm trying to catch up on my blogging, lol.
Wow, nasty comments?! That sucks! Mean people should just keep to themselves. If you don't like what you see or read, hey, just leave. What you post is up to you - it's YOUR blog. Oh and I think your children are beautiful - inside & out!

Sue said...

Ooh Pops! I have missed a few posts and didn't know about this !! How awful !!! I have only been a follower a short time and know what a kind and loving person you are!!! and what a wonderful and beautiful family that you have!!
Some people just get perverse pleasure from winding people up and being nasty. How sad their lives must be... and yes they are cowards to not leave their name!!!
Hope you are ok hun!
Big Hugs!
Sue xxx

Jude said...

Oh Pops, I am so sorry to hear that you have had some nasty comments. Some people are just so horrid! You have a lovely family, you are also very talented. I try to visit most days, sorry I didn't see this earlier. It made me very upset reading this, hold your head up, you have alot to be proud of!

Big Hugs

Kirsty-Anne (Kitty) said...

Hi so many nasty people out there am so glad they were annonymous as I think they would have us lot to deal with too. I figure they are jealous of your super talent ! and maybe are not well and need some medical advice themselves ! Though it is wonderful to see pictures of you and your gorgeous kids ! I would be so proud ! Admire how you are dealing with it with this super post ! :D

Jules said...

Hi Pops

I'm so sorry!!!

I missed this post .. .. and reading it has made me feel really sad.

How awful that someone would attack you and your lovely family in this way.

Some people are just unbelievable!!!!

You take care.

Love Jules xx

Melissa_Massy said...

Your cards are so lovely and inspiring! And so are your children. Keep the pictures coming! You are a blessing.

Louise said...

Hi Pops,
I came across your site by chance and now just love it. Your cards are lovely and inspired. It's horrible that people can be so cruel and callous, yet cowardly enough to not leave their details to allow you a chance to respond.

Your children are absolutely gorgeous and you sound like a very proud and supportive mother. If only there were more people out there who see such beauty and potential, not only in their crafts but also in people's hearts, the world would be a better place.

Louise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheilagh said...

Hi Pops'
Take no notice of the sad little people who obviously have nothing better to do they should be ashamed. You have a lovely family and as a mother of five(all adults now)I know how hard it can be, you are an inspiration to us all. Fab cards fab blog keep it up girl!!!
Luv 'n' hugs
Sheilagh :)

Bryngelson said...

All the love I can send you from Sweden. You are not alone.

I think that people who leave nasty comments probably are very damaged themselves.

Sue said...

Pops, we all know that the vile person leaving these comments are obviously very jealous of you and your family.please sweetie,let it go over your head, you know i had to close my old blog because of nasty comments so i know how you feel about it..but girl you are better than this person and you make the most gorgoeus cards and inspire lots of crafters worldwide including me many a time,you enjoy your blog, cards and your beautiful and loving family


Kerryn said...

Pops, I am only just popping by, as I'm still not very well, but I've just seen this and am shocked that you have had nasty comments from people! What on earth is wrong with some people?
How anyone can say anything negative about you, your work, your kids or your blog is beyond me!
Isn't it funny how these sort of people are not brave enough to say what they say under their own names!!

Gretchen Wilson said...

Hi Pops,
This is the first I have been on your blog and I stand up to you for your comments. You have three beautiful children and are rightfully to be very proud of them. Now get back to your self confindence, your work is beautiful and you can be proud of that to. I hope to follow you more closely. Keep up your spirits. I will be praying for you.

Hugs and God Bless,